Our Promotion Package inclusive of the followings.

  1. One FOC Name Search (Extra name search for only additional RM50.00 each)
  2. SSM Charges of RM1,000.00 for initial Authorised Share Capital of RM100,000.00
  3. Stamp duties of RM200.00 for Memorandum & Articles of Association
  4. One Brand new Common Seal
  5. One Share certificates book consist of 25 pages
  6. One Minutes Book
  7. One Register Book
  8. Secretarial File

It’s also inclusive 5 sets of the following Certified True Copy (CTC) documents:

  1. Memorandum & Articles of Association
  2. Form 9
  3. Form 24
  4. Form 44
  5. Form 49
  6. Resolution to open 2 numbers of bank account.

The entire incorporation will only take a week from name search to issuance of Incorporation Certificate (ie Form 9) from Companies Comission of Malaysia.

Price: 2000$
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